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====== Registration for workshops with limited capacity ====== {{ :leigh_bowery_2.jpg?180}} Basically, there’s no registration at offpride as we’re open for everyone, including those participating spontaneously. But there are some workshop which do have limited capacity. So to insure that you are able to participate in your favourite one, fill out the form. All visitors can sign up for 2 workshops in advance. It will also be possible to sign up at offpride on-site if the workshops are not fully booked. For all other workshops without limits, there’s no need to sign up in advance. ---- ==== How does the registration work? ==== Send an e-mail to: [[ws-anmeldung@offpride.ch]] including: *your name *the number of the 2 workshops (e.g. WS2 & WS5). ---- ==== More infos: ==== [[en:beds|Beds]] [[en:donate|Donate]] [[en:helfer_innen|Helfer_innen]]

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