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====== off_pride 2011: 27.-29. of May at Dynamo Zürich ====== {{ :carlos_enriquez_gonzales_vagina_dress.jpg?220|}} workshops, concerts, parties, shows, open space, discussions, films, infocafé, vokü, exhibitions, (gender)queer troubles, trans* activities and interests, pervert practices ... to silt up the binary matrix the off_pride is noncommercial, diy, subversive, open and prefers spontaneity and exchange to consumption and event. * **open for all genders** * \\ \\ {{:borland.jpg?198 }} //dragy+multisexual// \\ <sup>radical+legal</sup> **happy+pervert** \\ __glitter your shorts+leather your panty__ \\ <sub>crisp+asexual</sub> **<sup>hermes+aphrodite</sup>** \\ **subcutaneous+spontaneous** //<sub>subcultural+trans_form</sub>// \\ //queer_feminist+postpunk//

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