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====== Infocafé ====== During the off_pride, there will be an infocafé at the Jazzhaus. It's the perfect spot to meet other queer people. Small snacks and of course drinks will be available throughout. Friday and Saturday, we're serving an inexpensive, vegan dinner. Supplies are limited so be sure to pick up a voucher for your dinner in advance. At the Jazzhaus, you'll also find our info_booth, where we'll be glad to answer all your questions concerning the off_pride. There you'll find the complete programme and will have the possibility to sign up for workshops. {{:infocafe.jpg?300&nolink}} ---- == Our highlights: == Friday, 27 May, 10-13h: Brunch buffet, CHF 5.- to 10.-\\ Friday and Saturday, 27/28 May, 19h: Dinner, CHF 5.-\\ Menu Friday: Spinach-Karma (indian curry) with potatoes and rice and salad (vegan/gluten-free)\\ Menu Saturday: Lentil stew with salad (vegan/gluten-free)\\ Sunday, 29 May, 14-17h: The perfect place to let the off_pride come to an end by talking and eating the left overs. == Opening hours of the infocafé: == Friday: 10-21h\\ Saturday: 12-21h\\ Sunday: 12-17h.\\ If you have any questions, please write us: [[infokaffee@offpride.ch]] ----

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