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====== Cupcake Cinema presents: Entzaubert on Tour ====== \\ __**Queer (hir)stories**__ Sunday 16:00 - 18:00 \\ \\ __**Part I: Stories from queer folks**__ **I'm not a boy// dir. Julie Joice// USA 6min** //Engl. with Ger. Subs// Julie Joyce is not a boy. As a transgendered youth, she just wants what all young people want -- to have a positive space to live and grow. **Not So Black Or White// dir. Col Cruise// UK/ Australia, 2006 4 mins** //Engl. with Ger. Subs// The intersex narrator of this animation talks about his changing experiences of his body **I'm sorry Stirling// dir. RM Vaughan and Jared Mitchell// 3min** //Engl. with Ger. Subs// A queer-revisionist look at 1950s film-noir, tough-guy hunk Sterling Hayden. Using animation and photo-manipulation, artist Rm Vaughan inserts himself into Sterling Hayden's on-screen romantic life. **Hey F * * * Face// dir. Amber Dawn// 4min** //Engl. with Ger. Subs// is part two of a three part series of short video poems that explore the puzzling and often hazardous task of being human. Medical specimens, gender bending Christian clergy and kinky sex are just a few of the topics the whimsical narrator touches on during this four and a half minute video. Originally shot on black and white Super 8 film and was created as part of the Project 8 Boot Camp, 2008. **Transmission// dir. Ivan E. Coyote// Canada, 7min** //Engl. with Ger. Subs// “Sometimes I want to be just like my Dad when I grow up - but without the scars”. Transmission is a snapshot of a transgendered family, crossing gender boundaries with a Western feel. **GenderFucker// dir. Anja Roß// BRD 2006, 2min** //Engl. with Ger. Subs// is an animation film based on the comic "psycho bitch" of jukl-komix. "Are you a girl or a boy?" This film takes a critical look on this question in a humurous and demonstrative way. **What I Am// dir. Fiona Hynes// Ireland, 9min** //Engl. with Ger. Subs// What I Am portrays one persons struggle to find an identity outside of the ‘norm’. In a society ruled by labels, Cat McIlroy fights the gender stereotypes forced upon her from a young age. ‘What I Am’ opens a window on to issues of gender, identity and the lengths people will go to in order to feel happy about themselves. **Felicia// dir. Tim O'Hara// USA, 8mins** //Engl. with Ger. Subs// This short film showes one of San Francisco’s most loved trans women: Felicia Elizondo und ihr Leben als alleinstehende Rentnerin. \\ \\ __**Part II: Concepts of gender**__ **Asylum// dir. Lisa G// 7 min Canada 2008** //Engl. with Ger. Subs// A nurse’s recollection of psychiatric care circa 1949 in Riverview -British Columbia’s 600 acre mental health care facility. **Genderqueer: Qu'est que c'est?// dir. Del La Grace Volcano// 6min GB** //Engl. with Ger. Subs// This short video showes Del LaGrace Volcano asking people on the streets about (their) gender identity. **Two-Spirit people// dir. Gretchen Vogel// 20mins** //Engl. with Ger. Subs// "When Lori Levy (Southeast and California), Michel Beauchemin (Northeast and California) and I (MidWest and California) were studying for our undergraduate degrees at the University of California Berkeley, we found one another in an ethnic studies class and realized "Two-Spirit People" The Berdache Tradition in Native American Culture. The inspiration to explore this subject came from Walter William's discussion of two spirit people in "The Spirit and the Flesh". I dedicate our "Two-Spirit People" in loving memory of Michel Beauchemin who passed away with HIV a few years back." ** In_formation// Z.A. Martohardjono// USA, 4min** //Engl. with Ger. Subs// A poetic exploration of the body's history, of how it confronts the culture and language which limits it in modern life. \\ \\ <- [[en:films|Cupcake Cinema]] ----

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