====== Donate ====== We consider us as an uncommercial festival, we all work without pay. But as we need money for rent, props and travel expenses, we depend on your financial support. During the festival, there will be a donation box, and you can also wire us money onto our account: [[:spenden-konto|Account for donations]] ====== Thank you, Blogsport ====== For your support. <html> <a href="http://blogsport.eu/" title="Dein alternativer Blog-Anbieter"><img src="http://blogsport.de/wp-images/blogsport-eu-logo.gif" alt="kostenlose wordpress blogs" /></a> </html> ====== Thank you, Boschbar! ====== We would like to give the Boschbar a big thank you for its wonderful benefit party. Muchas gracias! [[http://www.strandbaer.ch/bosch/]] ----

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