===== WS 19: Bad feelings & queer negativity – a deco workshop ===== Heather isn’t about bad feelings with a revolutionary touch like Rage or brutal honesty. It’s about low energy feelings. She doesnt’ want those feelings to fade or as a one way street leading to the major brake through. It’s not for sure that it will be better. It’s not about stiling these bad feelings as “deep” or “real” feeligns as a contrary to pleasure. What is it with attention on bad feelings, on queer negativity? At this workshop, I want to explain, what I read and heard from Heather Love. The following questions I would like to discuss: How can a de- individualisation of bad feelings be caused? (like public feelings project with the question: Are you depressed? It might be politicial!?) How can feelings be divided into active and passive, which rating fits? Which emotional state is political, is “allowed” and accepted, which isn’t? (or many other things) The second part of the discussion, we can do some handicraft. This way, maybe we can create some deco for the parties out of this workshop. <- [[en:workshops|Workshops]] ----

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