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====== Places ====== {{:dynamo2.jpg|Dynamo}} This year, the off_pride will take place at Dynamo which includes the "Jazzhaus", oh groovy! The Dynamo is situated just next to the beautiful Limmat river in the heart of Zürich. In addition, some workshops will take place in the homosexual work center (HAZ) directly across from Dynamo on the other side of the river. (Exactly where the above photo was taken) * {{:off_pride_karte.pdf|Map of the area for print-out}} * [[http://www.haz.ch/kontakt|haz]] * [[http://www.dynamo.ch/kontakt|dynamo]] * [[http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=de&msa=0&ll=47.382831,8.538818&spn=0.001645,0.004801&z=18&msid=207722494391010925842.0004a0a474c4f9096c988|off_pride Google Map]] ----

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