====== Parties ====== {{ :party.jpg?160|}} Dear Queers and Freaks Please come on in to Dynamo for two days of shows and arts of the queer kind: Drag Kings, Bio Queens, captivating and enchanting voices, cabaret, shows and comedy! Have a seat at this flush of infinite possibilites; fantasize, politisize, listen and dance! **The concerts start at 20h, parties at 22h** Friday, 27.5.2011 (big hall) 20.30h Worst Case Szenario\\ 22.30h Nathan und Marietta\\ 23.00h Lindy Hop\\ 23.30h DJs: Dr. Minx und Sexy Crazy Bitch\\ Bondage Performance\\ ca. 4.00h: End of first night\\ Saturday, 28.5.2011 20.30h Princessin Hans (Tonstudio)\\ 21.30h Mike & Friends (Tonstudio)\\ 22.00h Paulo (big hall)\\ 22.45h Eyes Wild Drag & Océan\\ 23.45h Aurora Kiss\\ 00.15h DJs: Girl in the Garage und Gast\\ ca. 4.00h: End of second night\\ ---- ---- ====== Friday ====== === "Worst Case Szenario" === (20.30h Big hall) {{:0910_stormstoermer_svetlanaignjic_02.jpg?310|worst case szenario}} **Lecture in German** **Schlechte Kunstwerke – Vorlesungen mit Fallbeispielen** Eine radikal subjektive Auswahl von Andreas Storm und Simon Froehling mit biografischen Verlinkungen.\\ Uns allen begegnen im Laufe des Lebens schlechte Kunstwerke: Schreckliche Bücher, qualvolle Musik oder höllische Filme. Wir bewegen uns in den Vorlesungen in dem spannenden Feld zwischen Ambition und Wirklichkeit, zwischen Kunst und Konsum, zwischen ambitionierten Künstlern und mündigem Rezipient. Immer dem Motto treu: Das Gegenteil von Gut ist gut gemeint.\\ Andreas Storm präsentiert: Schlechte schwule, lesbische und transsexuelle Kunst. Diesmal mit Simon Froehling, preisgekrönter Autor aus Zürich, er liest aus eigenen Jugendsünden. [[http://www.likeyou.com/en/node/18053]] [[http://www.gessnerallee.ch/programm/aktuell/vorstellung/auffuehrung/481/index.html]] [[http://www.gessnerallee.ch/fileadmin/user_upload/1_Programm/PDF/DE/stormstoermer_PS.jpg]] ---- === Concert of "Duo Liebestoll" === A moody dive hunting for men.\\ Musical and humurous cabaret, charming and glamurous. {{:en:liebestoll.jpg?230|}} [[http://www.duoliebestoll.ch/]] ---- === Lindy-hop to start the party === Swingender Partyauftakt mit Lindy Hop Probiere die erlernten Tanzschritte aus dem Lindy Hop Workshop gleich auf der Tanzfläche aus! Die Offpride Hoppers entführen dich mit einer musikalischen Reise in die Swing-Ära auf den social dancefloor. It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing! ---- === Bondage Performance === (Big hall) Bondage from Luisa and Mary Long. Sometime and somewhere in the big hall... {{:bondage.jpg?250|luisa&marylong }} ---- === Many Djs === (23.30 big hall) === DR. MINX === (Kool Kat Productions, Bern), FUTURE DANCEFLOOR LISTENING, Japanese Pop meets European Electro {{:en:dj.jpg?135|dr.minx}} [[http://www.minxnation.ch]] === Sexy Crazy Bitch === (Basel), Electronic Sweat Music and Hip Swinging Pony Beats {{:bitch_offpride.jpg?150|sexy crazy bitch}} ---- ---- \\ ====== Saturday ====== ---- === Grotesque short drama with Mike & friends from Berlin === Our mini grotesque music drama is about the grand and by now old Diva, who wants to present herself one more time with a glamorous show. With lots of pomp she’s getting on stage. But the long forgotten shadow of her past gets her just the moment when she’s rising her voice. We’re the group Nebenwirkungen (side effects) from Berlin and make grotesque queer theatre with a political aspiration beyond agitation and agitprop. We prefer raising questions then giving blunt solutions. We prefer the grey area to fix images. ---- === Concert of "Princessin Hans" === (20.30h Tonstudio) {{ :en:ph_02.jpg?250|prinzessin hans}} **Princess Hans** is alive in some form since 1885, at the moment a band based in Berlin. Members are Jörg Hochapfel and Hans Kellet. The project is in constant change, since 2003 it’s live-performance, music, literature and film. 2010 Hochapfel and Kellet started to write their own songs, presenting them for the first time on stage on their current Switzerland. Their stile is melodrama of romanticism of the 19th century, from the dance on the volcano of the Berlin's 20’s, at the same time Free Jazz and Sampling. The music which aroused from this collaboration combines coquet, historic and contemporary. HRH Princess Hans war and is the first daughter of the empress Sisi from Austria-Hungary. Through the century she was the muse of several artists and is now governing a monarchy of the new Austrian Hungarian kingdom in exile. We’re presenting this concert to the honour of their royal highness. Images by Gundula Friese -> [[Princessin_hans|Details]] ---- === Concert of Paulo from Brasil === (22.00h big hall) Queer Paulo Belzebitchy Wahlberliner aus Rio de Janeiro, überrascht mit funkiger & punkiger Musik! To accept the norms set by society is closing the eyes for an infinity of possibilities that diversity offers. Paulo Belzebitchy chose music as a medium to raise his voice against racism, sexism,heterosexism and other forms of discrimination. {{ :paolo_01_small.jpg?300|paolo }} Born in Fortaleza, Northeast of Brasil, the singer, producer and percussionist currently lives in Berlin. November 2010 he released his first EP,featuring the songs **"Homophobia is so gay"**, **"Pink Money"**, **"Tourada é Tortura"** and**"Baile Funk Facist Funk"**. **Kaos GL Magazine**, the first queer magazine in Turkey, printed an Interview with Paulo shortly after the release of the single **"Homophobia is so gay"** and its broadcasting by Dandelion Radio in London. To support other artists and independent events, and to create networks beyond his own musical autonomy, Paulo Belzebitchy founded his own music label, **Dama de Pau Productions**. In February 2011 Dama de Pau Productions released the podcast **"Baile Funk Facist Funk"** in collaboration with the Canadian collective **Dubearth**.Paulo Belzebitchys latest single **"O Poder Que a Bixa Tem"** endorsed by the spanish collective **3 Diablos** was released End of February 2011. [[http://soundcloud.com/paulobelzebitchy]] [[http://paulobelzebitchy.tnb.art.br/]] [[http://www.myspace.com/paulobelzebitchy]] ---- === Concert of Aurora Kiss === {{:auro.jpg?170|aurora kiss}} (23.45h Grosser Saal) \\ “I make music like I make love – electronically,” says Berlin-based Australian Aurora Kiss (Benjamin Teicher).\\ \\ Describing himself ambivalently as the “male Lady Gaga”, Aurora Kiss is a multiple personality romantic, and assumes a myriad of personas – horny young vampires, gin-sozzled former spies, love-struck French Legionnaires – as drum machines pound and synthesisers chime all around his hand crafted electro-pop classics. \\ \\ [[http://www.aurorakiss.com]] ---- === Eyes Wild Drag: Drag king show from Italy === {{ :ewd.jpg?320|eyes wild drag }} (22.45h Grosser Saal) \\ \\ \\ Two years ago, Eyes Wild Drag from Rome ravished off_pride with their wonderful drag king performances. We’re very much looking forward to have them among our guests this year! \\ \\ [[http://www.eyeswilddrag.it/]] ---- === Océan LeRoy === (23.00h Grosser Saal) {{ :oceanberlin10-12-08-006139.jpeg?200|océan leroy}} French transgender-performer Océan got famous for his multimedia-shows involving video-clips and body projections, live singing and poetry slams. His performances about trans* families, gay kings, homo- & transphobia, violence, lookism or that crazy speed of life have been inspired from his crisscrossing trips from Canada through Israel to Indonesia with the documentary "Risk, Stretch or Die" about his transgender life. Nominated as “most influent personality” at the Mix! FilmFestival in Brazil, winner of the international Kings VILLAGE Contest in Rome , Jury of the Queer Festival of Saint Petersburg, Océan also acted in a few films in various men or women characters, including “Lost in Generations” and “Fucking Different Tel’Aviv” screened at the Berlinale 2009. He has been recently acting in “Mommy is coming”, the new film of Cheryl Dunye, due to premiere in 2011. Image by Amaury Grisel {{:bio_ocean.pdf|}} [[http://www.oceanleroy.biz]] [[http://www.facebook.com/oceanleroy.biz]] [[http://www.myspace.com/oceanleroy]] [[http://www.twitter.com/OceanLeRoy]] ---- === Many Djs === (0.00h big hall) === dj girl in the garage === {{:sat.jpg?165|girlsinthegarage}} Image by Thomas Pannetier dj girl in the garage is from Sheffield in the industrial north of England. By chance she found her way to Switzerland and has been living at the Vierwaldstättersee for eight years. She’s playing music for the soul. (rockelectrohophipfunkpunkdisco) Everything that makes your hips swing and your feet shuffle.\\ Dance on in the off_pride garage! [[http://www.myspace.com/girlsinthegarage]] ---- ----

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