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====== Cupcake Cinema ====== The Cupcake Cinema is wheelchair accessible! \\ \\ === Cupcake Cinema presents: Entzaubert on Tour === On this year's off_pride the queer d.i.y film festival Entzaubert from Berlin will show films from the last years programs as well as some films from the London Transgender Filmfestival with Muffins, Cupcakes, and of course: lots of Movies! \\ \\ __**Films on Friday: Shades of Resistance**__ Resistance comes in many different shades, sometimes it stands for fighting, sometimes for beeing true to your self, sometimes for surviving, sometimes for community and loyalty and sometimes it stands for gathering a cast of 100 transgendered actors to realize a filmproject! -> [[en:films_Friday|Details]] \\ \\ __**Films on Saturday: Hot Stuff**__ It's a taboo, denied, perverted: The queer body, gay sensuality, hot wheelchairs, anal sex, fisting, female masturbation, cocksucking, Trans*Genitals, genderqueer erotic, Dildos, bicycles, condoms and gloves. We celebrate our bodies, our sexuality, our sensuality, our fuck! -> [[en:films_Saturday|Details]] \\ \\ __**Films on Sunday: queer (hir)story**__ **Part I: Stories from queer folks.** The queer umbrella houses many different individuals with their very own stories and perception of gender and sexuality. In this block we'll tell 9 stories out of many tousands. **Part II: Concepts of gender** The majority of Europe's society holds the illusion up that the rules of gender binary are absolute, unescapable and unquestionable. History, biology and different cultural contexts show that there were and always will be infinite possibilities to express, oppress and free through gender. -> [[en:films_Sunday|Details]] \\ \\ //Alecs and Eliah// \\ Day: Friday, Saturday and Sunday\\ Languages: English and German\\ Time: 16h - 18h\\ Place: Tonstudio\\ ---- More infos: [[movies@offpride.ch|movies@offpride.ch]] [[http://entzaubert.blogsport.de/]] ----

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