====== The off_pride festival ====== Hello queer folks, The second off_pride festival will take place from the 27 - 29 May 2011 at the Dynamo in Zurich! Off_pride's main focus is on (gender)queer und trans* life styles. It is an alternative, non commercial, subversive, free spoken festival that privileges spontaneity and exchange over consumption and event culture. We are queer_feminist, anti-racist, burlesque, happy, freaky, perverted… – from you and us, for you and us! * **open to all genders** * Three days of workshops, public debates, interventions, films, concerts and exhibits on queer, trans*, political and other issues. Let's not forget the parties with exciting performances. * **proud to be a freak!** * ---- {{:en:flyer_color_front.jpg?660|}} ----

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